Friday, October 31, 2008

I've not yet told you Moira's story. Prepare to hide behind the couch. Moira is my coaching colleague - a very well qualified and experienced coach. Eight days ago she was coaching a number of young athletes upstairs in the aerobics studio, the Dublin weather being foul as per usual. She attempted to demonstrate an exercise involving one of the Steps. Next thing she was on her back with her foot at right angles to her leg. One look and I was outta there, down to Reception, arranging an ambulance.

Remarkably Moira kept her distress under control and made it so much easier on everyone, especially the kids. I thought that was incredibly brave.

At last, when the ambulance had carted Moira away to St Vincent's, one of the parents looked at me and said 'Roy, you look like you need a cup of tea'. Yeah right, down to The Oarsman in Ringsend for a few pints more like.
Five senior athletes at Irishtown last night (Thurs) - Patrick, Sean, Eoin, Liz & Viv. That is more or less the sum total of Crusaders' regular track squad. Others come and go, and there are notable athletes that are rarely if ever seen at the track. This excludes some good middle/long distance athletes who have their seperate routines.

Anyway we had a good indoor session. Weights (five lifts, 10 reps of each), a circuit, hopping/bounding for distance, stretches. A great group though they are generally a way off where I would expect senior athletes to be fitness-wise. However we have time.

It was lashing down so the few younger athletes that turned up were sent home.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Just seven young athletes at Irishtown Stadium, home of Crusaders AC last night. These are early days indeed, starting from scratch as far as junior athletics is concerned. Drills, speed ladder, 30m repeats, and a road run of a mile or so around Ringsend, avoiding the park which is now getting a bit scary in the dark.

As usual we finished with a 4 x 100m relay and I filled in on the girls' team and ran like a girl as we lost.

Monday, October 27, 2008

October Bank Holiday Monday can only mean the Dublin Marathon. So up at the crack of dawn (in fact an hour earlier as I had assumed my mobile alarm knew about the hour change) to volunteer for duty. Received a nice hat and jacket - also a volunteer medal. This latter was certainly not wanted by me but I managed to find a good home for it a little later.

So, crowd control at the junction of Merrion Square and Holles Street. Chilly but otherwise good running conditions and a record entry of just under 12,000. More than a twinge of envy as they all stream through, followed by the family race. Then helping with the big clean-up of the start area. Some great clothing was discarded, he best of which goes to the homeless.

Then over to the finish to just miss Ukrainian Andriy Naumov cross the line first in 2:11.6. They seem to have plenty of volunteers around the finish area so I walk back along the course to clap the incoming runners. My work colleague Grainne has started, but she says her training has consisted of a taper, but with no training beforehand. I thoroughly enjoy seeing everybody come through but we really are down to the last few, 7hrs 10min with still two miles to go, when I assume Grainne has dropped out.

A very well organised race. Surprised that iPods are allowed and somewhat annoyed at some accompanying pacing bikes. Very discourteous to other runners. I'm also disappointed that the crowd support is not great - nothing like Cork.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happy enough with that - 10 miles in 1.38. Considering I've done little proper training since finally nailing a marathon at Longford a number of weeks ago. Too little running and too much Guinness. I need motivation.

Tomorrow I'll be up early doors to help out at the Dublin Marathon. Despite my resolve not to run another marathon I know what I'd sooner be doing tomorrow - not that I'm presently in shape to do it. I wonder if anyone will be over from Jersey to run it? Though I'm perfectly happy with my new life I have good memories of Jersey and I left behind some good friends at Jersey Spartan AC.

Now, I'll be updating this blog regularly. My commiserations to anyone that stumbles across it, but hiya anyway!